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Keywords: Environmental protection equipment | Air purifier | Testing Equipment | Chemicals | Valve series

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  • Add: Nankai District, Tianjin, China
  • Contact: Manager Guo           Mobile: +86-13802196330
  • Tel: +86-22-84940334

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  • "private custom: custom, in the design, share, achieve their own professional knowledge and engineering experience to help users our needs, so as to...
  • And value-added free: free technical support, online technical guidance, diagnostics, to do its utmost to solve the user to run the project...
  • User Experience: Users can participate in the whole process from the product, complete experience, to participate in product design...
  • Type of cross-border services: Our company is production-oriented enterprises water treatment, but our service to service standards to the company.
  • Be tolerant to diversity: according to the needs of users, user comments, combined with the user's intelligence, improve product design, user-oriented design concept, around...
  • Water Hospital: current water environment have become increasingly prominent, relevant standards is not enough, the lack of...
The company has experienced, rigorous work, innovative engineering design and production technology, has a sound management system and service team, is a research, development, production, installation, commissioning, training .

Tianjin Ximei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is located in Nankai hi-tech industrial park of Tianjin city; there are a large number of well-known high-tech enterprisesin this park, and we enjoy a good transportation network and unique environment of trade cooperation and investment.